Usually we used to ship bumpers, side skirts uncut.

But due to delivery companies' restrictions and latest occasions when aero elements were damaged during delivery - we decided to ship most of aero elements cut in half.

It will allow them to be safer during transportation, and even a bit cheaper in delivery and a bit faster to deliver.

In this case we put in the package a repair kit: fiberglass tissue, mold element for you to easy get the original form.

This will not affect aero element in any way but require a bit more work to do prior installation.

This repair set includes fiberglass pattern (mold), fiberglass tissue.

Video explaining this point: 1/ www.youtube.com/how_to_restore_cut_in_half 

or 2/ https://www.youtube.com/restore_cut_in_half

All shipped fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) parts are gel coated.

Priming and painting are buyer's responsibility.

Scratches on the surface are normal for this step of manufacturing process and are to be eliminated during priming and painting by a licensed technician at the buyer's expense.

Usually it takes about two weeks to produce aero parts. It can take longer period if there are many items in the order or there are many orders in the queue.

The cost of shipping depends on such conditions as weight, size and distance.

After placing an order via website, we return to you with the shipping cost and add this value to the cost of goods.

Then, you pay the total amount.

Or, you are welcome to request your shipping cost before placing the order. You can do it via website form or directly via Facebook or Instagram.

Delivery period depends on the size of parcel.

Sometimes it takes a week to deliver items, in other times it takes much longer.

Especially you shall consider the pre-holiday periods, e.g. NY or season of higher demand.

Estimated time of arrival (ETA):

UK and Europe 7-10 days for small and 12-25 days for large FRP items.

USA and Canada 10-12 days for small and 12-25 days for large FRP items.

Other Countries 9-14 days and 12-25 days for large FRP items.

We provide you with Tracking Number right after the shipment.