FGAmade Rear Toe Arms Lexus IS / GS | Toyota Altezza | Aristo | Mark2 X90 X100 X110

Adjustable Rear Toe Arms by FGAmade

FGAmade adjustable arms line main goals are:

- arms are to replace stock ones, and give a range about 5-20mm from short to long adjusting

- long lasting but easy replaceable high quality bearings (available in many stores online)

- optional extra durable polyurethane bushing (one year guarantee)

- rust preventing full body zinc coating 

- easy adjusting turnbuckle with 6 edges on each side 

- basic dark color lowers authorities attention


Steel AISI/SAE 1023 (used for forged motor shafts, hydraulic shafts and pump shafts, as well as for machinery parts)

CNC manufactured

TIG welded 

Fullbody Zinc-coated

Powder coated in exclusive Gray color

Motorsport spherical bearing:

- Ball:  52100 Bearing Steel. Heat Treated. Hard Chrome Plated. Precision Ground

- Race:  Injection Moulded Kevlar Reinforced with PTFE. Self-Lubricating. Self-Sealing

- Body:  Chrome Molybdenum. Heat treated. Corrosion Resistant  

Aluminum 7075 alloy CNC manufactured spacers

Extra durable polyurethane bushing (optional)

Easily adjustable to achieve desired handling and performance

Condition: new

Includes: 2 pcs.



 Lexus IS200 IS300 1998 - 2005
 Lexus GS300 GS430 1998 - 2005

 Toyota Altezza SXE10
 Toyota Altezza Gita GXE10 JCE10
 Toyota Aristo JZS160 JZS161 

 Toyota Mark2 X90 X100
 Toyota Chaser X90 X100
 Toyota Cresta X90 X100 

 Toyota Mark2 Verossa Mark2 Blit X110

 Toyota Crown JZS151 1995 - 1999
 Toyota Crown JZS170 1999 - 2007

Installation time: 1 to 1.5 hours

Alignment recommended after installation



fiberglassaero.com is NOT responsible for damage to control arms from being installed incorrectly. Installation / removal REQUIRES specialized tooling, please make sure your installer service center is properly equipped to handle this process.


If you have any questions concerning choosing spare parts, please do not hesitate to contact us


Made in Siberia | Durable and Solid | Worldwide Shipping


Note: Before ordering, please check the dimensions in the product card. If the size of the new part does not coincide with yours, please contact the manager for details of the order.

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